GE-visIci 23-24: I live in Geneva

GE-visIci 23-24: I live in Geneva

Discover other cultures! Climb! Play sports! And learn French at the same time and get to know other young people

Join the second edition of this absolutely innovative program!

The Tchili Easy Learning team brings its innovative approach to learning through sport to this exceptional program!

What’s in the program ?

  • Weekly climbing lesson,
  • Discovery and practice of other sporting activities on the 1st Saturday of the month,
  • Day camps with overnight stays in cabins or bivouacs during the vacations.
  • Plus, if you’re learning French, audios and weekly French lessons staring in October.

You can sign up for all the activities or just some of them.

For more details on our French learning and integration objectives, please check the specifics of GE-visIci 2023-2024 program.

Your instructors and teachers:

Your instructors and teachers are qualified professionals in their field (guides and/or J+S instructors for sports activities, and teachers for French). They have experience working with children and young people. We require their Special excerpt form criminal records. The supervision ratio for outdoor sports activities is at least 1:6.

Quality control and partnerships:

All sports activities are J+S approved. Camps comply with the « Commitments for Quality Camps ». As a partner of Espas, we apply their recommendations on abuse prevention.

Can you enroll?

To register you must live in the canton of Geneva and be between 7 and 16 years old.

Some places are reserved for those who, like you, are learning French, and others for those who speak it.

How to enroll?

Choose your activity and enroll. We’ll send you the necessary forms. Once you’ve completed them with your parents, you can send them back to us.

For its first edition in 2022-2023, this program was carried out with the support of the Republic and Canton of Geneva and Swiss Solidarity.

Armoiries République et Canton de Genève

Register now:

You can register here. If you are under 16, you need your parents’ consent.

    Your name:

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    Your native language:

    Your date of birth:

    Your AVS number: (can be found at the back of your insurance card)

    Enrollment recommended by(sponsor):

    Legal guardian:


    Postal code:


    REGA (be insured free of charge):

    Select age group

    Select the semester

    Select weekly course

    Choose Saturday outings

    Choose your camp

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    *For transmissions involving the sending of personal data (other than your e-mail address), we use an encrypted mailbox (protonmail) and store your data offline. We do this to maximize the confidentiality of your personal data, at least on our side.

    We also invite you to choose a data-friendly or encrypted mailbox for sending your personal data.