Le samedi GE-visIci – Discovery and practice of various activities for children and teenagers!

Le samedi GE-visIci – Discovery and practice of various activities for children and teenagers!

As part of the GE-visIci program, take part in GE-visIci le samedi (I live here on Saturdays) departing from Geneva.

Join the second edition of this absolutely innovative program and enjoy climbing and discovering activities, use this opportunity to meet other young people and and get to know their cultures!

What’s the program for « GE-visIci le samedi »:

  • Take part for one semester in our discovery outing on the 1st Saturday of each month (October to January and February to June, excluding school vacations)..
  • Discover activities focusing on mountain, winter or team sports. These may include:
    • Rock climbing on cliffs,
    • Slack-lining
    • Caving
    • Ice climbing (absolute beginner level on a specially designed and equipped location),
    • Snowshoe hiking
    • Ski touring,
    • Skating
    • Ice skating,
    • and one or two team sports
  • Acquire specific vocabulary and related core expressions in French and, of course technical skills in various disciplines.
  • Environmental awareness :
    • Learn to preserve nature and respect the environment,
    • Recognize fauna (especially birds) and flora,
    • Discover edible and medicinal plants when in season.

Specifics of the GE-visIci program

As the GE-visIci program aims to facilitate integration and learning French through sport in mixed French-Non-French-speaking groups, it will be an opportunity for those learning French to practice it outside a school context. Thanks to the practice, the different games we’ve created and the « core expressions » audios that will be given to you, you’ll find it easier to:

  • communicate in French,
  • express yourself intuitively and simply on GE-visIci Saturdays
  • remember activity-specific vocabulary,
  • document your progress, both in terms of practicing a new activity and in French through stories or videos.

We’ll be playing a lot of games whose aim, in addition to discovering an activity, will be to make it easier for you to learn French and to talk with your French-speaking friends. You’ll see, it’ll be fun!

Organizational information :

Who are your teachers: Qualified professionals (mountain guides/J+S instructors/pedagogues) in both teaching and sports. They have many years’ experience working with children and young people, and even though we know them well, we require and check Special excerpt form criminal records for all our staff working with minors. Our activities are J+S approved

Technical gear: supplied

Teaching aids: supplied, our approach allows us to adapt to the level of the participant and to individualize the material according to his or her learning needs.

Meeting point: CO de Montbrillant, transportation to activity site included.

Dates and timetable:

1st semester: 07.10.23 – 10.01.24

2nd semester: 03.02.24 – 01.06.24

Day outings on 1st Saturday of the month, 9am – 5pm (for certain « Snow » activities, times will be brought forward by half an hour).

Destinations: Depending on the activity, we might use the gym at the C.O. Montbrillant or go to surrounding mountains (Salève, Jura, Vuache, pre-Alps in Upper Savoy (74), etc.). Parents will be informed each time.

Financial contribution: 550.00/semester excluding discounts

What are the discounts?

  • -20% if you are also enrolled in a GE-visIci camp or GE-VisIci weekly climbing classes
  • -10% for effective sponsors
  • -5% enrollement finalized before September 15th for the first semester, and before January 10th for the second,
  • -6% sympathising members,
  • Exceptional additional discounts depending on your status and situation (to be specified in « Additional information »).
  • Depending on the funding we receive, an additional discount may be granted after registration..

Special discounts may be granted on a case-by-case basis, depending on the child’s situation. These must be explicitly requested and justified.

Various: In the event of rain or weather incompatible with outdoor activities, we have access to a gym and a private climbing gym to offer an alternative to the planned activity.

As part of the GE-visIci program, we also offer weekly climbing courses and camps. Course registrations are by semester, and camp registrations by camp.

Read more about GE-visIci 2022-23 activities

Like all our sports activities for children and young people, this course is J+S approved. We are also partners of Espas and apply their recommendations on prevention.

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