GE-visIci – Weekly climbing courses!

GE-visIci – Weekly climbing courses!

As part of the GE-visIci program, take part in weekly climbing courses in Geneva.

Join the second edition of this absolutely innovative program and enjoy climbing, meeting other young people and discovering other cultures!

What’s the program:

Safety first 😉 it may be a revision for you, but it’s necessary..

How to equip yourself, rope up, partner-check, belay your partner,… and according to how fast you learn and progress, you will learn to belay leads and lead climbing.

Then there are the strategic and tactical aspects of climbing 😉 How to read your route, anticipate your progress, save your energy, optimize your movements, develop your repertoire of movements…

But that’s not all!

We’ll be doing lots of climbing games, the aim of which, in addition to climbing, will be to make it easier for your non-French-speaking climbing mates to learn French. You’ll see, it’ll be fun!

Two semesters to choose from!

You will be able to join and take classes for one semester.

If there’s still room, you can re-enroll for a 2nd semester.

  • First semester: September 14, 2023 to January 18, 2024
  • Second semester: January 31, 2024 to June 12, 2024

Where and when?

Classes take place on Thursday evenings (except during school vacations and public holidays) at the C.E.C André-Chavanne climbing wall.


  • Children (primary school): 5pm to 6:30pm
  • Teens(C.O):6:30pm to 8pm

What do you need?

Comfortable clothes suitable for wearing a harness and a water bottle. All other technical equipment (harness, climbing shoes, belay device, etc.) is provided.

Can you sign up?

To take part, you must live in the canton of Geneva and be aged between 7 and 16.

What is your financial contribution?

The cost of the course, excluding discounts, is 180 Swiss francs per semester.

What are the discounts?

  • -20% if you are also enrolled in GE-visIci Saturdays or a GE-VisIci Camp
  • 10% for effective sponsors
  • -5% enrollement finalized before September 2nd for the first semester, and before December 10th for the second,
  • -6% sympathising members,
  • Exceptional additional discounts depending on your status and situation (to be specified in « Additional information »).
  • Depending on the funding we receive, an additional discount may be granted after registration..

Special discounts may be granted on a case-by-case basis, depending on the child’s situation. These must be explicitly requested and justified.

What other activities and camps can you take part in?

As part of the GE-visIci program, we also offer activities focusing on mountain and winter sports every 1st Saturday of the month. Registration for these activities is also by semester.

There’s more, if you feel like it, you can take part in 2 camps per semester in addition to the summer camp. Per semester, we have a Rock camp where you can climb outside on cliffs and discover and practice different rock related activities, and a Snow camp where you can discover and practice winter sports (skiing, ski touring, skating, ice-skating …).

Read more about GE-visIci 2022-23 activities

Like all our sports activities for children and teens, this course is J+S approved. We are also partners of Espas and apply their recommendations on prevention.

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You can register here. If you are under 16, you need your parents’ consent.

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