GE-visIci! Specific information 2023-24:

GE-visIci! Specific information 2023-24:

Specific information on the second edition of GE-visIci program

How does it work?

As you probably know, practice makes perfect. When you’re new and don’t know many people, it’s harder to find opportunities to talk outside school or the « cycle ».

You will benefit from the exchanges with your Mentors or Facilitators! They will make it easier for you!


Simply by talking to your partner, they will encourage you to express yourself in French, being patient and kind when it takes a little time.


During the climbing lessons and sports activities we offer, and a little outside the lessons when you’re making videos, mini-reports, interviews, etc. together.

And specifically ?

For one semester (mid-September to mid-January, late January to mid-June), you can choose to take part in one or all of the activities on the program. (When registering for camps, priority will be given to those already enrolled in a regular activity):

  • take part in weekly climbing lessons in group of climbers who speak or are learning French. You’ll form Franco-allophone pairs (a very barbaric term which simply means 1 person who speaks French and 1 person who is learning it). To sign up for weekly climbing classes, click here.
  • On the first Saturday of every month, you can take part in an activity day (rock climbing, abseiling, introduction to caving, via-ferrata, slack, snowshoeing or skiing, etc.) or discover and practice the different sports offered by Geneva’s clubs. It’s an opportunity to discuss a wide range of topics, discover new activities and meet other young people. To register for weekend activities, click here.
  • During the school vacations, you can take part in camps and spend a night in a mountain refuge:
    • 1 rock camp for outdoor climbing on cliffs, via ferrata, discovering caves, abseiling, getting to know the flora and fauna (edible plants) and learning about geology. To register, click here.
    • 1 snow camp to discover different winter mountain sports. Skiing, introduction to ski touring, snowshoe trekking, skating or ice skating. To register, click here.
  • You will write mini-articles or reports on the activities you take part in. Occasionally, you may ask your French-speaking classmates for help (proofreading, word searches, etc.).

How long does the program last?

Registration is by semester and by activity or camp. You can also choose to register for all activities in a given semester or, if space is available, re-register for courses, activities and camps in the following semester.

Do I need special equipment?

Technical equipment will be loaned to you. You’ll need shoes suitable for trail walking, a small rucksack, a jacket, etc., and for camps you’ll need your sleeping bag and a sleeping mat.

Can you be part of this program?

If you live in the canton of Geneva and are aged between 7 and 16: YES

How to register?

Pick you activity(ies) and submit your enrollment request 😉